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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! Here are a few of the timely and most-asked questions. We are updating this section in real time but if your question isn't answered in the list below or you need more information send us an email here!


How are you adapting to the current health situation?

We are continuing to do our part to support physical distancing and efforts to manage COVID-19. Production has continued from our private commercial kitchen since June 2020, and we have added additional cleaning measures to our existing rigorous standards. Appropriate PPE is used at each step of our production and packaging processes are reviewed regularly to adhere with updated recommendations from provincial and federal health authorities.

Our online store is open with shipping available throughout Canada using Canada Post and orders are sent weekly on Tuesdays (unless otherwise noted).

Your delivery will not require a signature and may be left if the postal worker deems it safe. Once your order is ready for shipping you will receive a Canada Post tracking number so you can check the status and be alerted when it has arrived.


How does shipping work?

Orders are shipped weekly on Tuesday unless otherwise noted on our homepage and checkout pages.

We like to keep it as simple as possible to make sure your chocolate arrives safely and in the condition we sent it in.

We offer shipping across Canada and send all orders Expedited with Canada Post, monitoring expected delivery times and weather to reduce the amount of time your order spends in transit. Once your order is ready for shipping you will receive a tracking number from Canada Post as well as in a confirmation email from us.

Please be aware that Canada Post is experiencing extremely high volumes and parcel delivery timelines are not being guaranteed. We recommend ordering as early as possible for all holidays.


What makes Violet Chocolate Co. bars different than other chocolate bars?

One of the key elements that set our chocolates apart from other chocolatiers is our method! Every batch is tempered by hand by our chocolatier and owner Rebecca. She uses this traditional technique to control the tempering process, allowing her to closely monitor the quality and changes in the chocolate from batch to batch. This method is what gives our chocolates the snap and smooth melt that is oh so delicious.

We use fair-trade chocolate sourced through Felchlin and Valhrona, local ingredients whenever possible, and high quality extracts and infusions to create our adventurous flavours.


Are your chocolates gluten-free?

Yes! Our kitchen is not certified gluten-free however all ingredients used in our flavours are either naturally gluten-free or certified. We do not work with gluten within the kitchen and have listed traces on the flavours which carry a 'may contain' statement for the chocolate. We appreciate how personal allergies and intolerances can be, and encourage you to contact us directly if more detailed information is needed.


I have a nut allergy, are your chocolates safe for me?

We know how personal decisions surrounding safe foods can be for those impacted with food allergies. We do our best to give honest and thorough answers so you can make the best decision for your circumstance.

We do not use peanuts in any flavours however some ingredients include 'may contain peanuts/tree nut' statements and we do use tree nuts in certain flavours. For this reason, all flavours include an allergen warning for peanuts and tree nuts.

To help minimize any risk of cross contamination batches that include tree nuts as an ingredient are made on a dedicated production day. Prior to switching back to other flavours all equipment, molds, and work surfaces are fully sanitized. Please note that while we do wash molds between batches of flavours that do not include tree nuts they may still include ingredients with 'may contain peanuts/tree nuts' statements. If you have questions or would like guidance on which current flavours may be best, please email us here.